Tidal Life Columns from the South Whidbey Record

Tidal Life began as an environmental column in the South Whidbey Record, the bi-weekly paper that covers the towns of Langley, Clinton, Freeland and Greenbank.

For three years I enjoyed the pleasure of a public pulpit for my monthly rant about the stupid things people (myself included) do on their waterfront property. The column offered solutions for how to do things better to take care of the land and water.

Budget cuts eventually forced the paper to discontinue most columnists and freelancers. But It was glorious while it lasted.

A few of these columns have been repurposed into posts here on Tidal Life. Eventually I plan to update them all with current information. As they have recently disappeared behind a paywall, that has become a more pressing project. You can read three columns before you get blocked. The ones in bold are my favorites. If nothing else, the titles serve as a reminder that I’m pretty good with puns.

A few sunny February days and island minds turn to mulch

Atwitter over hedgerows

Now you’re cooking with CSA

Don’t rain on my rain garden

Drifting to where Puget Sound starts

Green is good, except up there

Hey Gardener! Leave that tree alone

Let’s blame Elmer Fudd for our itchy trigger fingers

Pickled or par-boiled, this is going to change the way we eat oysters

The other view of the view

The story on the water

There’s always something new to learn about our most common substance

Water lover’s gift guide

Waterfront Omnium-Gatherum

We need to learn to look beyond the flashy surface

What we talk about when we talk about Puget Sound

Whidbey is some place; keep up the good work

Will we choose fashion or substance?

How to cheat at enviro-living: First step, steal the idea for a column

Practical protection: The best defense is a good offense

The waterfront takes care of itself, but I’d sure like to be there

Certain Disaster: Greenies wreck Island economy by saving a forest

Look out: Something scary could be coming this way

The edible color purple

The what why and who of where the land meets the sea

Fever as the seasons turn

How not to do a whack job on the underwater weeds