Sunrise seems like a good place to start

I live on an island. Each morning I look out on this.

image of sunrise over a calm harbor, live on an island Light reflected off water dances on my ceiling.

image of light reflected on ceiling
Of course this is the Northwest, we have a few gray, rainy days. I’ll get to those later. At the moment I’m enjoying the fresh sea air, the spring sunshine, the sound of small waves lapping the beach, gulls calling. And marveling at the thick coat of pollen that covers everything.

Pollen drifts down to the shore and settles on the water in a way I didn’t realize before I lived here. In fact, though I grew up sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, clamming and fishing, there are a lot of things I didn’t know about water and the tidal zone until I lived with it daily.

Some of these things are mind-blowingly beautiful, or amazing, or make me go “huh.” Others are disturbing or frightening. A few move me to political action.

So far I’m only allergic to the one. But I live on an island, so its okay.