Selling Sunshine

In ten years, I’ve rarely seen Sunshine underway without me aboard, as shown here when she was recently hauled out for a survey. This is going to happen a little more frequently now. The time has come for selling Sunshine, for sending her off to light up another family’s life.

As we prepared for this moment over the last few months, To Do lists for work have expanded and contracted, dwindled almost to nothing, and then reconstituted.

Like when an old friend moves away, there are so many things we want to do before she leaves.

  • Tom replaces a fuel injector, she runs even smoother.
  • I weave a new rope mat to replace the worn and frayed one. Now, even her slip looks spiffy.
  • We varnish every inch of her interior trim, several bulkheads, and all the cabinet doors. She gleams.
  • Tom installs beautiful new headliners that brighten up her living spaces.
  • I patch gel coat dings, then wax and polish her. Ooh! Shiny!
  • Between projects, we take her out for short runs up the river, sunset cruises, and lunch at anchor.

Every time we work on her we remember the great times we’ve had together.

Q: Now that she looks and runs like the gem we’ve always known her to be, and with all these fond memories, why did we want to sell her again?

A: Well. We’ve now got Domino, her big sister, and two boats is too many.

I dreamed of keeping one boat on each coast. I dreamed of keeping both so we could buddy boat with our kids. But those were wild flights of fancy. So we’re seeking Sunshine’s next owner. Only her third in 35 years! She’s truly a keeper. Soon, someone new is going to enjoy her as much as we have.

I’m hoping just the right buyer comes along. That would make the parting sweet. Someone who will love her, appreciate all we’ve done with her, and take next steps with her. Someone who will keep in touch so we can see all the places she goes from here.

Sunshine is Sold

Thanks for your help, and for following Sunshine‘s adventures all these years. Stick with us, Domino‘s adventures will get underway soon!

For more information please email tidallife at gmail dot com.



Just one new publication this year so far – the box set of Iris Adventures.

Those who like a deal – and casino based mayhem – can grab the second book, Iris All In.


With Sunshine ready for sale, we’re finishing up work on Domino. I just spliced a new anchor rode to 90 feet of chain. Splicing is fun!

That’s my rope to chain splice laying just to the right of the chain. I learned, just in time, that you have to soak new anchor rode for 24 hours so that it will go through the windlass smoothly. A dock cart makes a great soaking bin for 300 feet of NovaBraid NovEight 8 strand. Splicing lessons came via a video from Dark Horse Marine’s Knotty Professor.

Tom is making shelves and a door frame for the cabinet under the galley sink. Right now we have a cavern. It will be so nice to have shelves for cookware.

A new main sail cover is nearing completion. Just the zipper left to sew.


Reading has largely meant listening this summer, as I work with tools in my hands and buds in my ears.

Some favorites:

The Other Black Girl Billed as “Get Out meets The Devil Wears Prada”

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement.

Girl A – A disturbingly close-knit family

Bellwether – I have to do this one again every few years. Just a smart, hoot.

Theory of Bastards – Bonobos are the stars. Fun and thought provoking.

The Art of Taking It Easy – An entertaining look at dealing with stress. I really like the idea, but I haven’t been overly successful putting it into practice.

2 thoughts on “Selling Sunshine”

  1. Wow Nancy we never thought you would give up “Sunshine”. Sounds like you have a new bigger boat to love. We hope you and Tom are doing well. Take care and we’ll see you later.

    1. Hi Steve!
      I never thought we’d give her up either. But yes, we have stepped up to the Freedom 38. I guess we’ve become brand loyal due to the great times we’ve had on Sunshine. We just can’t go back to all the rigging of a more traditional sail boat.
      I’ll switch to pictures of Domino soon.
      Smooth sailing to you!

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