Invasive Species

These two very different videos are actually  about the same thing – invasive species.

The first I’ve been planning to post to accompany my October South Whidbey Record column about the spooky subject of invasive species. Spooky, not only for habitat, but also for me. My last (admittedly, intentionally inflammatory) column generated almost 100 comments and I’m not sure I want to face another month of hiding behind shades hoping to be incognito.  So I’ve taken a laid backmiddle of the road approach this time. I’m not sure what to make of the invasive species debate. Here’s a contrarian ditty about the issue of Spartina removal.

And this locally grown video just found its way to me today. It’s about a topic that’s dear to my heart, and timely, as I’ve just shipped off another essay that’s probably chock full of these pesky little varmints. Surely the cliche is an invasive species! It came from France, right? I have no idea how to eradicate it.